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My experience and interests have allowed me to gain skills in serval different areas related to business, marketing, and branding.

In particular, my unique abilities include:

  • producing pitches/presentations and delivering them

  • coming up with creative business and marketing strategies/creative problem-solving 

  • leading teams and coaching professionals/students

I am especially passionate about work that allows me to: 

  • come up with big ideas/strategies and think 5-10 years in the future,

  • collaborate with teams/work with others (teamwork, leadership, and instruction),

  • exercise creative abilities (concepting, producing, etc.),

  • use many different skills (changing projects and tasks/working on multiple projects),

  • improve or build company culture, and

  • contribute to the overall growth and development of the organization.

Some jobs I'm well-suited for include:

  • Marketing and communications executive/director 

  • Brand strategiest/manager 

  • Business strategy and operations 

  • Business development and sales

  • Producer

  • Instructor/educator

Work Styles

Aligning an individual's natural work style and abilities with their position is critical for maximizing potential and productivity. Fortunately, I've been able to learn more about my unique styles by taking assessments through my employers in the past. 


Some key takeaways from a past assessment are shown below. Continue scrolling through the page to learn about the Kolbe A Index and my results from that assessment. 

DISC Assessment (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance)

(Natural Style): D-3.7, I-9.2, S-3.5, C-3.6

(Work Style): D-7.8, I-6.7, S-1.9, C-3.6

This assessment shows that I am naturally approachable, flexible, and good at multitasking. My work style shows that I am fast-paced, competitive, and direct. Furthermore, I am a problem solver with a great sense of urgency. I thrive best in environments where imagination is rewarded and there is a lot of personal contact with others.

7 Motivators Assessment (Leadership, Knowledge & Discovery, Peace & Harmony, Helping Others, Guiding Principles, Aesthetic, Return on Investment)

Top Areas: Knowledge & Discovery (7.9), Leadership (7.6), Aesthetics (5.4)

Other: Helping (5), ROI (4.6), Peace/Harmony (3.2), Guiding Principles (1.3)

This assessment shows that I am motivated by having professional development and growth opportunities, being able to innovate and lead a team, and when creativity is encouraged. 

The Kolbe A Index

An individual's Kolbe A Index, authored by Kathy Kolbe, is defined by an instinct test that examines the ways they take action when they strive. This validated assessment measures conative strengths to help give a better understanding of human nature and work potential.


My Kolbe results, along with brief descriptions of my abilities in each area of the assessment, are shown below. 


Able to summarize and be detailed. Excellent at editing/paraphrasing, translating/simplifying complex subjects, communicating with diverse audiences. 




Maintains systems and structure while also being able to change/adapt them when needed. Great at detecting discrepancies and adjusting procedures.




Deals with risks and uncertainty by innovating. Great at experimenting, initiating change, improvising, brainstorming, and creating a sense of urgency.




Abstract thinker that can envision circumstances and conceptualize solutions. Able to visualize possibilities and make decisions without having tangible evidence.



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