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Formal letters of recommendation are displayed below. More recommendations can be found on my LinkedIn page here.


Dr. Elina Erzikova

Central Michigan University

"Angela always makes sure her classes are interesting, focused and useful for students. She is

passionate about teaching and preparing students for media careers. She treats students with

great respect, while continually challenging them to achieve more than they thought possible."


Dr. Lori Brost

Central Michigan University

"Not all guest lecturers have good rapport and interaction with students, but Angela has been one of my best guest lecturers ever! Every semester and in each class, students found her approachable and insightful."


Sam Van Camp

Central Michigan Life

"But it never felt like I was working for her, rather she was working with me to make sure I did as well as I possible could. And that is what is so great about her. She inspires the people around her to be better. To reach for the stars. To work harder. To do their best work."

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