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Guide for Going Out (Page Design)

Our team at the Grand Valley Lanthorn wanted to introduce a specialty publication that college students could hold onto throughout the year. After conducting a survey and discovering that students wanted to learn more about things to do and places to go, we decided that having a food and entertainment guide would be something that they would find valuable.

Our strategy behind the Guide for Going Out was to create a visually appealing magazine that would provide this information for students. Additionally, we wanted it to be very different from our regular print products and target businesses that would not normally run in our other publications. In designing this niche publication, we were able to boost advertising sales and target a different audience demographic.

My role in this was to create the concept for the publication, create a timeline for completion with a strategic release date, develop the pricing structure (this included getting bids for printing the publications and setting realistic goals to ensure profitable margins were achieved), selling advertising space to clients, coordinating articles with the editorial team to make sure that we had quality content, and doing page design for most of the publication.

Click the image to preview the guide.

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