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1919 (Copywriting & Creative Strategy)

The 1919 campaign was created with two purposes in mind: to help brand Central Michigan Life (CM LIFE) as a reputable news source and to increase the number of employment applications throughout each semester.

The strategy behind this campaign was to grab attention through using compelling images captured by CM LIFE photographers. Because these are recognizable locations on Central Michigan University's campus, our team at CM LIFE felt confident that the campaign would attract our audience members and make them feel a connection with CMU's past. In addition to this, we wanted to encourage students to help share the story of CMU and explain that CM Life is essentially the history book that is not only collecting, but writing the stories of history as they happen.

Below are the first three published ads in our print publication and our online rectangle. The online rectangle received a third page national award through College Media Business and Advertising Managers, Inc. (CMBAM) for best online display.

My role was to develop the campaign strategy and concept, and to work with the team to produce the pieces and get them into the wild!

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