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Campus View - Live Here (Creative Strategy)

Campus View was our largest client at the Grand Valley Lanthorn. As I was preparing to graduate from GVSU, I worked with my team to develop a campaign for Campus View in the upcoming semester.

Marketing Manager at Campus View, Lynn Garner, told me that two of her challenges were showcasing the many amenities that Campus View had and getting students to be aware of them all. When I asked her about the tenants who lived at Campus View, she mentioned a variety of social groups including athletes and artists. In order to reach the right audience and share the amenities that resonated with them, I developed an idea that would use actual tenants in everyday life.

For this campaign, we showed each tenant's name, major, and some other fun title (such as "stair stepping princess") along with a quote. The goal was to appeal to a diverse student base by using spokespeople that were associated with many different groups on campus. The common thread between all of the tenants was that campus was part of their everyday community and Campus View was an extension of that community. In addition, they all liked to stay active (which was because most of the tenants were athletes at GVSU). We then used a compelling image that captured attention and highlighted one of Campus View's many amenities. Below are some of the final designs.

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