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Sam Van Camp, Central Michigan Life
March 13, 2017

To Whom it May Concern:

I first met Angela when she was advising the AdClub at Central Michigan University and soon after that I was working for Angela at Central Michigan Life. But it never felt like I was working for her, rather she was working with me to make sure I did as well as I possible could. And that is what is so great about her. She inspires the people around her to be better. To reach for the stars. To work harder. To do their best work. 

On top of her ability to inspire the people around her, she is a marketing wiz. She takes the mundane and makes it exciting. When Angela has her hands on a project, no problem is too big to solve. Her work is excellent and she is able to maintain an excellent level of work because she keeps her eyes on industry trends and what is working for her clients and in the industry. 

Angela is a role model for everyone she works with and her ingenuity is truly something to behold.






Samual Van Cam

Central Michigan Life

Mount Pleasant, MI 48859


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