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Dr. Lori Brost, Central Michigan University
March 22, 2017

Dear Reader:

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Angela Carollo, a talented media professional. I first met Angela a year ago in her position as the Business Development Manager for Central Michigan Life (CM-Life), the student media company at Central Michigan University.

Since we both work on the fourth floor of Moore Hall at CMU, I’ve had the opportunity to observe Angela interact with her student staff members and her direct supervisors at CM-Life. Angela impressed me with her enthusiasm for her position and her professionalism. She appeared to be a positive role model, able to motivate students to do their best. She also exhibited great respect for her supervisors, who had only good things to say about her to me.

I was searching for someone to talk with my 300-level Digital Journalism classes (two or three sections, depending on the semester) about social media, and a staff member at CM-Life recommended Angela. I explained to Angela my pedagogical needs, and each semester she has been helpful in tailoring a presentation specific to my classes. The social media material she presented was up-to-date, well researched and included real-life examples that demonstrated strategies she had employed for clients; her information was useful and helpful in both theoretical terms and practical application; the designs of her PowerPoints were exceptional; and she engaged and connected well with the students. Not all guest lecturers have good rapport and interaction with students, but Angela has been one of my best guest lecturers ever! Every semester and in each class, students found her approachable and insightful.

Angela is a nice person and is well liked by students, faculty, and support staff. I highly recommend Angela for any position she applies for. I have no doubt that any organization fortunate enough to hire Angela will regard her as a tremendous asset. I believe she will be reliable, hard-working, and eager to learn the responsibilities of

any position. She will handle her duties in a professional and responsible way with a pleasant attitude. In short, she will be a most valued employee.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can provide you with additional information.


Lori F. Brost, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Department of Journalism

Central Michigan University

419 Moore Hall

Mount Pleasant, MI 48859; (989) 774-1545




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