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Angela remembers finding her love of business, branding, and marketing in middle school when she started making commercials and videos with her mom's old camera. She began her career as a guerrilla marketer in the entertainment industry in 2010 while studying advertising and public relations at Grand Valley State University. From there, she led and managed teams in the advertising departments at student media organizations for six years, developing nationally recognized strategies and campaigns for businesses while also consulting startups and organizations on marketing and branding strategies. After receiving her master's of business administration from Central Michigan University, Angela began work as a marketer and strategist at Interact Communications, where she led her team in developing numerous college brands, including Oakland Community College’s award-winning Excellence Empowered brand. Currently, Angela sits on the leadership team at Pryes Brewing Company, overseeing the marketing department and the organization's brand. As a former college instructor, Angela is passionate about creating unique experiences for students and is a strong advocate for higher education as well as a recognized speaker on the student experience.


"I am a creative. I see the world in a grid of thirds and framing. I think in poetry. I write like I speak. I scribble. I paint. I take entirely way too many photos. I dance...not very well, but I love to move. And groove—I play guitar, ukulele, piano, harmonica (and have many more instruments that I don't know how to play). I read graphic novels and have books of fashion ads and fashion illustration. On that note, I coordinate my work outfits with my dog. I experiment in the kitchen. I watch music videos for fun. I even watch commercials for fun. 

Creativity is a critical element to the work we do as business professionals and marketers, which is why I try to make time for it in my everyday life. From expressing and experiencing creativity to understanding the psychology behind it, there's a lot to learn and gain!" 


a lifelong learner & educator

"Generally speaking, the more you know, the more you can participate and connect. From gaining a better understanding of an issue to developing or refining a new skill, learning gives the student power and presents them with new opportunities.

This is why I invest in being a serial hobbyist—each new skill developed or insight gained gives me an opportunity to connect with my audience better, whether that's through teaching, marketing, or personal connections. And the more I learn, the more I can share with others, empowering them to improve their lives and share their insights as well.


Because education is so important to me, I take an active role in seeking out these skill development opportunities and commit to making time to share my experiences with others, generally by volunteering to speak at conferences or guest lecture in college classrooms." 

social responsibility supporter

"In a world driven by profits and capitalism, organizations and their staff sometimes lose sight of the well-being of our communities, people, and planet. This is why many companies are experiencing issues with diversity, equity, and inclusion and are struggling to limit their carbon footprints. As a first-generation college student and queer women, I know how difficult it can be to navigate unique challenges without having a ton of guidance, support, or representation.  


For this reason, I strive to make social responsibility and philanthropy a priority in my life and contribute to the greater good by volunteering on my personal time or by building it into the work I do through my employer.


Some of my proudest efforts include raising funds in a dance competition through United Way while attending Central Michigan University, raising funds for cancer research through advertising sales at Central Michigan Life, donating to food pantries and foundations during the pandemic through Interact Communications, and donating to and partnering with various charity organizations and nonprofits while working at Pryes Brewing Company.



In high school, Angela was chosen to attend Girls State, a political camp at Michigan State University. On the first day, when introductions were being made by students from all over the state of Michigan, Angela realized that it would be difficult to remember everyone's name, including hers, so she introduced herself in a more playful and sarcastic manner, hoping it would help her peers overcome this challenge:


"Hi, my name is Angela Carollo, but you can call me A.C., like air conditioning because I'm cool like that."


It's unlikely that anyone remembered her real name, but "A.C." and "cool girl" stuck; and thus, the "accool" brand was born.

The lesson here is one that she learned years later from Chip and Dan Heath in their book Made to Stick: "'s your job to make you memorable."

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